Saturday, February 9, 2013

Keep Your Friends Close And Your "Friends" Closer

Before the eyes begin to roll, there's nothing new about the fact that the so called "Sensible Action For Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders" cult of personalities Hi-jacked Autism leader Brian Hooker's Congressional Hearings. None.

What was supposed to be a stinging sworn revelation about the crookedness of the Congressional anti-litigation money-laundering scheme which is still fueling the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism researchers, like non-American, pro-Autism activist Poul Thorsen, turned into the ridiculously obvious vaccine industry-driven response that parents of vaccine-induced Autistic kids have seen time and time again.

So we have yet another instance where the so called Autism non-profits rally to protect the interests of the vaccine industry. The same band of dopes draw even closer to their allies inside the multi-billion dollar a year vaccine marketplace, and they really believe their own biz-wax is just as one for all and all for vaccines as wholesome apple pie.

The likes of vaccine industry strategist Mark Blaxill calling a terrific kid like Jake Crosby a coward doesn't even move the needle. The likes of former USA Today reporter Dan Olmsted, noted for turning yellow-green at the hint of a battle, served up a half-witted attack on a man focused on fighting for America's vaccine-injured children.

While we don't know Jake's mommy and daddy, we certainly see perfectly clear who Blaxill's daddy is.

Olmsted? He is just the four-eyed weakling from down the street, who shows up for supper, and agrees with everything said at the dinner table. Is anybody shocked?

Is anybody dumb-founded by the fact that once again, the Autism cult of personalities have proven themselves as nothing short of vaccine industrial complex useful idiots? No.

And what about the kid? What about Jake Crosby, who sees things in two ways - right and wrong - and has the courage to tell Blaxill he's a totally naked vaccine strategist shill? Should Big Jake be down? Should he not accept it that these so called Autism rock stars are exactly the same as Thorsen's sidemen are; riding the Autism gravy train for every penny they can get out of it?

For these vaccine industry suck-ups, the Combating Autism Act trickle down is just another check. Yeah, they want to put a face on the Autism epidemic, theirs.

These self-promoting, Autism non-profit creeps don't care where the money comes from, and will use the entire Autism-Mercury community to beat their drum and march their march. They have no spine and no morals when it comes to walking away from cold hard bribery. As long as the jack keeps flowing in, just like their compatriot Thorsen, they'll sit by the pool and count their Autism cash, and stab families in vaccine court in the back.

No, Jake should not be shocked. He shouldn't be disappointed to learn that the so called forward scouts for tens of thousands of children harmed neurologically by mass vaccination policies are dining quite comfortably in the enemy camp. These surrender monkeys are paste. Jake is the diamond, worthy of our gratitude for not shrinking in the face of evil.

For the new-found ally of vaccine-injured children, Mark Bolen author of the Bolen Report, "He's not called "Merck Glaxill" for nothin'." Sorry you got jobbed, and hope you fight back.